Here lies a graveyard of ded servers for ded games. Some servers listed here may be password protected, but many of them are publicly accessible. The current server information (player count, etc.) should typically be accurate but can be up to a minute stale.

If you need to get in contact about any issues with the servers, you can reach me on the CPMA Discord as vixterra#5746 or on QuakeNet as vixterra.

Quake 3 CPMA

AddressLocationMapPlayers, ILcpm240 / 24, ILcpm240 / 24, NJcpm240 / 24, NJcpm240 / 24, WAcpm240 / 24, WAcpm240 / 24

Quake Live

AddressLocationMapPlayers, ILcampgrounds0 / 16, ILbloodrunblue0 / 16, NJsilence0 / 16, NJhektik0 / 16